Useful elements for e-commerce website

For the last few years, we have seen an explosion of e-commerce websites emerging on the Internet. Does e-commerce good for your business? Well, for others it was successful but for some it was the opposite.

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Just like any business, the profitability of your e-commerce site depends on how you build and manage it. If you are going to do it, make sure to do it right, or you’ll be wasting all your money and effort. Here are some useful elements to consider when building an e-commerce site.

Realistic content

Unlike in the actual retail store, customers won’t be able to actually see the product itself, so make sure to give them the best impression of the product you are selling. Include detailed information about the product, or a video where users could find further information about how a certain product, for instance a high heel shoes, is going to look on you.

User-friendly navigation and user flow

The market of e-commerce is extremely high and so developing an e-commerce site should aim to provide the best enjoyable experience for the user. With so many competitors out there, you only have seconds to impress your visitors, whether it is an intuitive concept or just a very functional design, make sure to give the paramount experience to them.

Clear and concise checkout process

Putting too many steps in your checkout process will surely make your customers impatient and eventually abandon their purchase. For instance, don’t require your customers to register before shopping as they visited your site to shop, not fill out forms. Sign-up forms are obstructions because it needs effort to fill in. Also, keep the back button really functional, as it will negatively affect the visitor’s experience.

Provide users with real-time customer support

Customers are more likely to experience problems during shopping or on the checkout process, due to misunderstandings or concerns that cannot be easily addressed using the available web-interface. In these situations, ensure that that your e-commerce site provides 24/7, professional, personal assistance rather than sending them with the ‘Help’ or ‘FAQ’ pages. With the explosion of mobile devices and social media, conflicts and negative occurrences spread like wildfire.

Responsive design

Responsive design was a hot topic in 2013 and even made into the e-commerce world. With more people using their smartphones and tablets to check emails, social media, and even online shopping, responsive design has become more of a necessity nowadays. An e-commerce store that runs perfectly on mobiles gain more credibility than the cluttered sites.


With so many site out there, it is important to design a site that is eye-catching while creating the right emotion. Remember, it is the emotion that drives customers to make a decision in buying a certain product. For instance, your target market is a parent with small children, so anything that lessens the time spent on dreary task can give them more quality time with the kids. You may need to analyze these things before building your own e-commerce site.

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