Truthfinder Review – Searching For Someone Was Never This Easy

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How much effort would you be willing to put in to gain knowledge about a person for say – verification purposes or simply out of interest ?

The idea of standing in government offices or agencies, juggling with several paperworks, maybe shelling out small fees for every data you need is pretty daunting and time consuming. It might be weeks before you have all the required information about someone.

What if all that pain can be traded for just a couple of clicks and unlimited reports?

There are several websites that make the background checking an easy process. Let’s review one of them.

What is Truthfinder ?

Truthfinder is a website or rather an online background checking services in America, that allows you to run a search on anyone you know. You get instant access to their personal information like – background, contact details along with the satellite images of their last known addresses, social media accounts and much more.

It even helps you to uncover ‘difficult to know’ information such as undisclosed addresses, criminal records or little known aliases of the people you are searching for.

Truthfinder claims to be an affordable website that provides nearly 100% accurate information about people, and promises an exceptionally fast delivery of reports.

How Does It Work ?

Truthfinder hovers over millions of public records, social networking accounts, legal or police records and multiple other databases and sources to generate a consolidated report for the user.

On the website, you will be required to enter the complete name and state of residence of the person you want to search. During the process, it will prompt you to respond to certain queries that can help it to narrow down or filter the search results. The generated report can be either viewed online or downloaded and printed.

Truthfinder maintains complete confidentiality and promises that your searches are safe and private with them.

For any help you can contact their 24×7 US based member care center at 1-800-699-8081.

They don’t have any email or chat support.

Truthfinder also comes with a mobile app, that makes for ‘instant searching’ on the go.

Who Is It For ?

Truthfinder can be used by anybody. It is extremely useful during the business opportunities or hiring processes. Running a background check on the person you will be dealing with as a client or an employee is a must to keep your business safe and secure.

The site can also be used by landlords to check on their tenants before renting out their houses, or by bank officials before issuing loans to applicants.

Truthfinder caters to your curiosity and suspicions too. You could use the website to find more intricate details about your friends, acquaintances or even family members and relatives. You could also use it to know more about a new flame or even a neighbor whom you find creepy !


Even though you waited for more than 5 mins for several search bars to fill up while generating your search report, Truthfinder will reveal the report details ONLY when you select a subscription plan and enter your credit card details.

The recurring subscription plans offered are as follows –

1 month of unlimited reports = $27.78 per month

3 months of unlimited reports = $23.02 per month (Total $69.07 )

And if that’s too expensive for you, Truthfinder also offers a 5 Day Trial Period for $1, where you can access unlimited ‘standard’ reports.

Note: Ensure to unsubscribe or discontinue your plan after 5 days, or else it will automatically start charging you $29.89 every 30 days till you cancel.

To cancel your plan anytime, you need to call their member care center.

Is Truthfinder Really Worth ?

Truthfinder reports are genuine since they come from multiple reliable sources. They help you save a lot of time and effort, that you would have otherwise spent in visiting or waiting in long queues of several government offices for gathering each data.

While other websites charge per report, Truthfinder offers unlimited reports for a monthly subscription making it one of the most cheapest options available for background checking.

They however, also endorse that users should NOT use this information for any purpose that requires the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance, since the information obtained may not be 100% accurate.

Many people feel deceived stating that the report provided to them are either incorrect or not up-to-date, and the same information can be obtained for free over the internet with some thorough researching.

Quick Assessment


  • Straightforward and easy interface
  • Nearly 100% accurate
  • Information is reliable since obtained from official documents
  • Searching can be refined or filtered, based on input
  • Generates speedy reports


  • Takes more than 5 mins to land on the subscription page
  • Incomplete information or not up-to-date
  • Searching through google will yield almost the same result
  • Expensive

Alternatives to Truthfinder

Some alternatives to Truthfinder could be Goodhire or

Goodhire has a variety of reports and range of services to offer as compared to Truthfinder and is 100% FCRA Compliant, because of which, it is most suitable for employee screening or other background checks. Though the site is very well built and rich with information, a single report would cost anywhere between $29- $79, making it extremely expensive. is one of the best online DIY background check website and provides instant results, and complies with federal background check laws.

Similar to Truthfinder, it also depends on online databases, but you need to have a social security number of the person you want to search, which makes the entire process difficult as not everyone knows or remembers that.

Quick Wrapping

Truthfinder is an easy to use people search website and provides near to accurate information from various official and legal databases. It is great for those who want a quick review of a person, without spending too much time searching on their own.

It does come with mixed reactions from several users, but then it has maintained the fact that it is picking up data from several public records which may not be complete or updated on a regular basis and therefore should not be used to make concrete decisions about a person.


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