The Most Efficient and Unconventional Parallax Scrolling Websites

The spectacle of parallax scrolling website is dramatically increasing these days. So, what is a parallax website again? Parallax website showcases dynamic animations to move between panels.

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It gives a new interactive level of online viewing. It has long been popular in classic video games but has become a trend in web design just a few years ago. This technique provides an utmost importance to a product or company that is more on the promotional side rather than content-heavy websites.



A very innovative design which boasts a seamless blend between the real and virtual. The users can easily explore the interior and exterior features of its latest hybrid line through a high-end 3D visualization studio RTT.


Why Your Brain Craves Infographics


A creative design by Neo Mam Studios, built with HTML5 and CSS3. According to Neo Mam’s Danny Ashton, “The parallax scrolling effects were probably the most difficult to achieve. Our developers looked at the available libraries and described them as a bit wonky, so they ended up creating their own instead”.

Von Dutch


A popular fashion brand showed off its story by using parallax scrolling to give a fun and exciting experience to the viewers.




The power of HTML5 and CSS is highly noticeable in this page. You can easily take a peek of the history of Mario Kart game through the parallax scrolling. Similar to the game itself, the site takes you along a road lined with characters from the game.




Promoting for its Airbrake MX googles, Oakley made an incredible website with parallax scrolling with cool photography.


The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead’s website gives you a quick tour of its creepy world. The website took advantage of several existing technologies and techniques like the HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, Web Audio/HTML5 Audio, and parallax scrolling.


Health Service Payouts


An online infographic that highlighted the issue of huge compensation payments which is a growing concern for health organizations all over the world. The website made use of HTML5, CSS3 and javascript to create a very astonishing infographic while using Skrollr animanation library for all the animation.


Active Drinks


The website creatively used a parallax scrolling bubbles that gives a 3D effects as you scroll down the page.




Parallax scrolling was used in this website to give users an incredible experience while the story is explained. The site is created for fans of music artists to help them showcase what they have put together.


Jacksonville Downtown Art Walk


The monthly arts festival, Johnsonville Downtown Art Walk is taking a blast with their current website by boasting subtle watercolor parallax effect that gives a lot of enjoyable experience to the users.



Creating a parallax website is surely an entertaining part of the user’s experience. However, you have to keep a few things in mind to make it really enjoyable. Factors like appropriate descriptions, consistency, and clear labeling should be considered.

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