The Amazing CSS3 Transitions That Will Startle Your Users

Web design can be deviously hard at times as it involves building a brand and providing an enjoyable user experience. The web design industry has come a long way since its early days of text-heavy pages and a couple dozens of web safe fonts.

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Add to this the fact that web designers are restricted to aligning elements either left, right or center, and tables to achieve a compelling layout.

What are CSS transitions?

CSS Transitions are simply a few simple rules that you can use to enrich the various elements in your design.A detailed definition of CSS transition is stated in W3C, “CSS transitions allow property changes in CSS values to occur smoothly over a specified duration.This smoothing animates the changing of a CSS value when triggered by a mouse click, focus or active state, or any changes to the element (including even a change on the elements’ class attribute)”.

Amazing CSS3 Transitions for Your Inspiration

Paperfold CSS


The power of jQuery and CSS makes this effect. This is the earliest and easiest type of paper folding effect.

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects


It comes with jQuery WordPress for image hover effects.

Experimental CSS3 Animations for Image Transitions


This involves CSS3 Animations that beautifully rotates.

Fancy Image Gallery with CSS3 Transitions


A beautiful trasition that uses jQuery, Javascript, and CSS3, which allows browser to copy HTML5 elements.

Animated Profile Popover


It has context menu with a very nice show and hide transition. You can easily change the value of the property while the pop-over is visible and the size change is animated.

Build Portfolio CSS3 Transitions


Build a transition with basic knowledge of CSS and jQuery. With this app when CSS property changes, the rest of the result is instantly updated with affected elements immediately changing from old to new property.

Create Page Turn Effect


If you are in for creating a page curl effect, then this tool is for you. It can be used and supported by pdf and comes with a flash player, allowing you to create stunning presentations and videos.

Pseudo-elements Animations and Transitions


With combination of HTML and CSS3, which generates new designs and sheets for your website, transforming and animation is a very easy thing to do.

Caption Hover Effects


an app that comes with a stylish hover with the caption that comes with several transformation effects.

A Collection of Page Transitions


this app gathers a number of animations for making stunning navigation effects. It CSS animations are subdivided depending on their different work.


There are many tools in the market today, always remember that transitions should be used appropriately. Transition could rightfully enrich the user experience or they will just mess up with the other design elements. When creating transitions, it is always smart to evaluate whether the transition doesn’t slow down the action of the user. Moderation is the key.

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