Stunning Examples of Beautiful Photos in Web Design

Using large photos in web design creates a positive impression and builds an emotional connection with the viewer while portraying the sites message loud and clear. It communicates us to a higher level that makes your website stand out from the range of the common ones.

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When to use photography in web design?

In the modern web design, using large background images is dramatically increasing and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Although it is becoming a huge trend these days, using large photos in web design may not be suitable for everyone. Most of the large background images are perfect for websites running hotel, traveling, restaurant, design, photography and arts. Mainly, these sites do not contain complex structure and a bunch of content.

How to use large-scale images in web design

Quite tempting to use bigger images in your website design, but it can be tricky to get it right. Remember that the right photo can make a good design great. Here are some of the considerations you need to understand before starting your design.

Contrast: Make sure that your photo does not ruin the usability of your site. If you use large images in your background, surely you will be putting some text on it. Make sure to use the right contrast. If the photo is light, make sure to use dark text or elements, and vice versa.

Quality: When you have decided to use large photos in your design then get some decent photo that you can include in your design concept. Otherwise, stay out of it. Not having photos, as a part of the design is better than trying to work with bad photos.

Relevance: many photos are incredibly stunning but to make your design successful put some photos that have something to do with whatever you are selling. If you are working on a website running a restaurant then you may need to include the actual store or their actual food. If you are offering service, then look for images that have a strong symbolic symbol linked to your business.

Stunning Examples of Large Photos in Web Design

You’ve probably heard the hype of using stunning photos in web design and started thinking about anything at all, however, you had a harder time understanding it until you’ve seen it. We’ve searched the web to provide you with some stunning examples of beautiful photos in web design that have been very successful.










Mah Ze Dahr Bakery



Big Cartel



Kenley Event Design



Niedlovs Breadworks



Daniel Hopwood



Jack Trench



Culinaria Food and Wine




Creating a stunning oversized background can be achieved through the use of CSS3 and some jQuery plugins. With these tools, building a very complex layout styles has never become so easy, with just few lines of code.

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