Stunning and Exceptional Education Sites for Your Inspiration

Building a website for College and Universities is indeed a huge challenge. Education sites provide information to the students, parents, teachers, and to prospective students. They can also be a channel to the school’s intranet and the public face for both academics and athletics.

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Benefits of good website design for College or University

College and Universities need to have an effective design because web users are typically demanding and want information fast. It is a fact, that many websites today have dreary designs in which the information that someone is looking for seems impossible to find. A good web design could offer both quick access to certain information and turn potential students to real students.

How to create an exceptional website for a school, college, or university

Unlike an e-commerce site, websites for school does not offer any actual products. Rather, they portray an idea and goals. This is why creating a site intended for school requires thorough consideration of the visual elements that will keep users on your website stay long enough.

Make your homepage clutter-free

Too many text and too many images on your homepage could drive away prospective visitors. Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to make an impression to these people. Make your homepage attractive and engaging but clutter-free.

Build brand awareness with a logo

Your logo is one of the visual elements that helps create and emotional experience when users visit your site. Logos provides a school with its unique identity that users can easily distinguish. To make a good logo consider the following:

1. Include relevant images as part of the design such as pen, paper, shield, trophy, or diploma.

2. Use color to bring out the appeal of the logo. However, traditional black and white is not a bad idea either.

3. Include the institution name in the logo design. Look for a typeface that fits the school and consider the size of the font.

Maintain a consistent visual theme

Nowadays, people are getting more and more impatient, so it is a must that you create a consistent visual theme that makes navigating a whole lot easier. In addition, the visual theme should reflect the philosophy of the institution.

Make use of photos to create an emotional connection

Photos are also an important component of your design. Just like an old adage says, “a picture paints a thousand words”. Use pictures of people and not stock photos because real pictures of people form connection with your potential students.

Examples of Stunning and Exceptional Education Sites

The University of Texas

1-The-University-of-Texas - Copy


University of Minnesota



Indiana University



University of Tennessee



University of Rochester



Johns Hopkins University



The University of Melbourne



University of Washington



University of Virginia



University of Chicago




Most of the Universities use different strategies to promote their brand as an inspiring place of study. Therefore, building a stunning website is important to attract more and more visitors.

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