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A lot of time is invested in resources and building a business. Finding new customers is not an easy task and having the most comprehensive information about them is extremely important. The right data not only ensures that you are reaching the right people at the right time, but also …

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A lot of time is invested in resources and building a business. Finding new customers is not an easy task and having the most comprehensive information about them is extremely important.

The right data not only ensures that you are reaching the right people at the right time, but also saves your time and money and is more profitable. In short, you get better returns on investment.

There are various companies that can simplify the process of finding leads for your business. In this section, we will know more about Salesgenie, a lead provider.

What Is Salesgenie?

Salesgenie is a lead generation consultation company. It is a division of Infogroup, a data, analytics and marketing service provider that delivers best in class ‘data-driven customer-centric’ technology solutions.

Salesgenie has verified databases of approximately 25 million business leads and 245 million consumer leads.

It helps all the small and medium businesses to build the ‘sales lead lists’, that focuses on their specific audience. It’s unique data compilation process powers up the phone calling, e-mails or direct mails while targeting those leads.

How Does It Work ?

The online platform of Salesgenie has an inbuilt CRM software and contact databases.

The business databases are built by gathering data from more than 6000 sources, which are then validated through web research, news monitoring and user generated content.

The US postal services’ hygiene processes and proprietary methodology are used to provide the most accurate address for each new record. In order to keep the data as current as possible, 24 million calls are made annually just to speak to each of these businesses, for verifying and updating their records.

For consumer databases, approximately 29 million records are compiled by collecting raw data from over 100 sources like real estate, tax assessments, voters registration files, utility connects, bill processors, behavioral data etc.

On registration, Salesgenie allows an unlimited access to all these extensive databases. (Though the pricing isn’t mentioned on their website, it is known to be up to $300 per month, which might be tad expensive for a small business with limited budget). However, for further customizations and other details, it is best to contact them directly.

One can even avail 150 free leads during the 3 Day Free Trial period to understand whether it works for you or not, and it requires NO credit card details.

Once you have access to the databases, marketers can then refine their searches based on several parameters like demographic, zip code, new business, sales volume, credit rating, age, income, recently shifted, etc., to target their preferred consumer group.

Salesgenie assigns an account manager to help you in running the campaigns and optimizing your website. It also provides social media integration.

It however does not deal in content creation for the website, neither does it perform telemarketing services or set B2B appointments.

Who Is It For?

Salesgenie is a perfect prospecting and lead management solution for business owners. The clean interface and powerful tools for the advanced search criteria, customer cloning, new lead alerts, can be used to reach out to the right prospect at the right time and in the right channel to boost up their sales.

It is for sales and marketing professionals too. ‘Salesgenie lead manager’ features help them to organize their prospective leads list, so that they can focus more on targeting optimal customers and generating higher revenues.

What Makes Salesgenie a Good Choice ?

Salesgenie effectively optimizes your sales and marketing strategy.

Apart from the lead manager program, it also offers an ‘email campaign builder’ that has a whole bunch of templates, which can be used to create customized emails, brochures, letters or postcards for the campaigns, and one can even get help from the in-house graphic designers for designing, printing and mailing them directly to your targeted customers.

Salesgenie even helps in tracking and providing a detailed report of those campaigns once they are over, thus saving you a lot of time and hustle.

They also have apps for mobile phones and ipads for tracing the nearby leads while you are traveling.

Salesgenie Overall Assessment


  • Highest quality data
  • Has apps to find leads on the go
  • Customized lead targeting
  • Instant live chat support


  • Doesn’t assist with content creation for your website or telemarketing
  • Mainly for telephone contact numbers
  • Expensive for some businesses
  • Less days for free trial as compared to other companies, that may offer 15 to 30 days

Alternatives to Salesgenie

LeadGeneration is a good alternative to Salesgenie as it not only offers verified leads but also scores them as well. They have all the necessary tools for improving the site seo & running campaigns, and also assist in modifying the content creation of a website as well as setting up B2B appointments. However, their website lacks any mention of traditional services.
Discoverorg is another useful tool that provides comprehensive information about a company and its contacts, though data accuracy is one of its biggest challenges that needs attention.

Callbox is also a good option for lead generation that promotes your events and performs telemarketing, as well as interacts on your behalf. It however, doesn’t assist in purchasing paid search advertisements.

Quick Wrapping

Salesgenie is a database of verified leads that you can use to grow your business and generate more sales. It is equipped with tools to filter and pinpoint the right prospects and also helps in creating effective campaigns for marketing to those leads.

Despite its shortcomings in terms of price and the trial period, Salesgenie is worth trying. It is a great time and money saving resource for all small and medium businesses who are looking out for B2B and consumer leads.

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