Productivity Enhancing Tools for Web Designers

Being a web designer requires a lot of creativity in your field, utmost persistence, and knowledge of different tools suited for different projects.

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Web designers creates a look, layout, and features of a website coupled with functionality. The spectrum of work for web designers is mind blogging but with the right tools, it can improve and get stunning results with ease.

There are various tools in the market that can assist web designers achieve optimal results. But the list is quite long and searching for the right one may take you a lot of time and effort. That is why we have compiled some of the most productivity enhancing tools for web designers.

Google Web Fonts

Recently, typography has become a bigger part of the mainstream culture than it was before. Choosing the right typography is as important as using the right color, images, or graphics in creating a design. If you are looking for a great typography that go well with your design then Google Web Fonts is the best place for you. It provides hundreds of free, open-source fonts to make your website look great. The fonts can be previewed in different sizes, so you can easily check on how they would look in a word, sentence, paragraph or poster.


Crucial and often overlooked part of building a website is the project management. We have seen great examples of stunning websites but most of them are not timely delivered. We all know the value of time in business, right? Well, to avoid this, you can use a tool that lets you manage your projects to meet strict deadlines. Proofhub is web based project management software that allows you to organize and plan over projects. In addition, it allows you to communicate with the team members and clients at one place.


You want to improve your management over design projects then ProofHQ will make it easy for you. This tool gives you the advantage to review and approve a bunch of time-critical design work. It enables review teams to collaborate simultaneously on creative content.


Dribbble is a great place for telling the community about what you are working on. It gives many designers and digital artists to post small screenshots of their artworks. What is good about this tool is that it allows anyone to get some valuable feedback or get the chance of getting hired if their work impresses someone in the community.


Are you creative enough? Behance aims to organize, connect, and empower creative careers, so the best ideas can see the light of the day. Designers, typographers, photographers, and other creative individuals can display their work through portfolios and if a company admires their works, they can be offered with new projects.

Designer News

The web design is one of the fastest growing world, introducing new design schemes and tools every now and then. To stay on top of the list, designers often opt for this resource because it provides the latest trends and developments in the field of design and technology. Also, it showcases many job opportunities for different companies.

Adobe Kuler

You don’t have to spend too much time on creating your color scheme. With Adobe Kuler, you can just browse on thousands of color combinations made by the creative community. You can also take a glance of the most popular and most used color scheme today. If working on your own colors is your thing then you can also create, edit, and upload your combination and share it to the community.


Placeit is a drag-and-drop tol that allows various companies to place their product screenshot and within minutes design enhancements are automatically applied to create attractive renderings, without actually using Photoshop. Most often, the final photo is so impressive that it catches the audience interest.


Basecamp is quite popular these days. But for those who have not encountered the term, it is simply a web based project management tool enables organized management over projects in a simple way. It allows you to manage projects with a to-do list, file sharing, chatting, messages, calendars, and time tracking.


The tools mentioned above have varying functionalities. You can go through these tools and test their functionality to find what suits you best

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