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Snoring interferes with sleep and leaves you feeling exhausted and restless throughout the day. At times, it even leaves you on the verge of war with your sleeping partner.

This may have led you to try several anti snoring devices including anti snoring pillows, where the head is restricted to a single position for effectiveness, but ends up in discomfort.

Pillows are an essential component for a comfortable sleep and one should be able to move freely and in any position as they want. Nora is one such smart pillow solution that caters to this need and flexibility, while controlling the snores as well as mild sleep apneas.

What Is Nora?

Nora is an anti snore smart pillow designed to keep a person’s head and neck aligned in such a manner that it reduces the air blockage and enhances easy, noise-free breathing while sleeping.
It is non invasive and responds well to all sleeping positions – side, back or stomach.

It primarily constitutes of an inflatable pillow insert, an egg shaped sensor called bedsider or pebble, and a portable base that has a silent air pump, an audio receiver, power unit and a battery.

Nora tends to work silently and slowly allowing both the partners to sleep peacefully.

How Does It Work ?

To start using Nora, you need to unfold and slide the ‘pillow insert’ inside the pillowcase and under your pillow, and connect the air tube to the base. (Try to use a queen sized pillow for proper leveling throughout the night),

Make the appropriate pebble connections and place it approximately 1m away from your pillow on a bedside stand. The pebble acts as a sensory device and detects the sound of snoring. The advanced technology filters out other sounds like that of fan, ac, talking or traffic.

When you start to snore, the pebble activates the pump inside the base, which regulates the air pressure inside Nora’s insert. It either inflates or deflates the pillow and gently repositions your head.

This phenomena stimulates the throat muscles to tighten and opens up the air passage for easy breathing. Once the snoring stops, the expander stops too and the whole cycle is repeated throughout the night.

Nora also comes with a Mobile App for tracking your snoring patterns and overnight audio recordings. It displays the nightly or weekly statistics in terms of ‘Quiet’ percentage.You can use it as a proof to check for its overall effectiveness.


Nora Snoring kit comes with a price tag of $259, along with ONE Year Warranty.

The kit includes –

  • Pebble
  • Pillow Insert
  • USB Charger
  • Global Power Adapter (110-220v)
  • Overhead Mount
  • Portable Soft Case

Once the order has been placed online, it is usually shipped within 6-8 weeks. The international users may have to pay an additional local import fees.

Nora obliges to the 30-day return policy. However, you will have to bear the ‘20% restocking fee’ which is applicable to all returns.

Is Nora a Good Choice ?

There’s a surplus of anti snoring devices in the market, but most of them are either ineffective or uncomfortable.

While the mouthpieces are repulsive, and tend to cause drooling and soreness of the jaws; some of the other anti snoring pillows are far from accommodating to every style of sleeping. Each device comes with its own set of restrictions, that’s favorable to just a few.

Nora revolutionizes the ‘one size fit all’ theory with its non invasive and uniform head adjusting technique that helps in reducing the volume of snoring.

It may not address the root cause of snoring and cannot be considered as a medical device, but it caters to anyone looking for a peaceful and quiet sleep for themselves as well as their partners.

Quick Assessment


  • Non invasive anti snoring device
  • Electronic free pillow insert
  • Works fine with both soft and firm pillows
  • Undisturbed and comfortable sleep throughout the night
  • Portable case, makes it easy to travel with
  • Has a smart companion mobile app
  • 30 day return policy and 1 year warranty


  • Tad expensive


Alternatives to Nora

Nitetronic’s Goodnight anti snore smart pillow would be a good alternative. It uses the same technology as Nora in gently shifting the head to one side when it hears the snores.

Quick Wrapping

Nora’s innovative design doesn’t require you to wear or attach anything to your body. Being completely non invasive, it enables you to sleep in whatever posture you like without a worry about maintaining a single position.

Easy to carry and travel with, Nora smart anti-snore pillow is both comfortable and effective in aiding your uninterrupted sleep and decreases any health risk related to snoring.

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