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Spying on someone’s phone or computer without their knowledge is a punishable crime. However, spying is equally justified under some very specific conditions.

Parents have every legal right and responsibility to protect their children and ensure that they don’t deviate from the right path during their adolescence, without intervening too much into their space. Though there are various ways to achieve this, one of the most effective technique is through the device monitoring tools.

What is mSpy ?

mSpy is one of the best monitoring tool for all kind of devices like phones, tablets, laptops or computers. It utilizes the advanced tracking technology to track and read all phone calls and text messages, instant messengers and emails, view photos and videos, internet activities, GPS coordinates and much more. The application is compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

On smartphones, mSpy runs on Android 4+ rooted/not rooted, and iOS 6 – 8.4; 9 – 9.1 jailbroken/ non-jailbroken based platforms. mSpy was created with an intention to help the parents keep their children safe and for employers to legally track their workers’ productivity.

How Does It Work ?

To use mSpy, you first have to download the mSpy installer file on the phone/computer that you want to monitor, and install it. The link for this installer file is sent to your account confirmation email. Once the installation is done, login to your mSpy control panel and connect that device to the dashboard of your account, by inputting the device information.

For instance, linking an Android phone would require you to enter a username (to identify the phone), it’s phone number and the IMEI code of that phone ( can be obtained by pressing *#06# on the phone number keypad). The whole process of installation is pretty simple and takes about 10-15 mins to complete, depending upon the device.

After the setup is complete, mSpy will start monitoring the device by recording all of its activities, and can be viewed from the control panel. Just ensure that the device gets connected to the Wifi for at least 10mins a day for you to access the information.

Some of the features offered by mSpy, include call and message history, incoming call blocking, apps & websites blocking, tracking through GPS locations, keylogger, accessing calendar and address book entries along with other internet activities. The feature list offered by mSpy is huge, but what you get depends upon your subscription plan. It also provides 24×7 email and chat technical support for free. Incase, you need step by step assistance during installation, you can opt for a one-time non-refundable phone support for approx. $10.

For any detailed assistance in rooting/jailbreak, installation of mSpy through Team Viewer, features setup, along with support over the phone, chat and emails can be bought for roughly $30. The best part about the app is that it runs quietly in the background and is invisible to the user. In other words, the user never gets to know that the app is installed on his/her device and that he/she is being spied upon.

Who Is It For ?

Internet is all about information and entertainment, but it also comes with cyber bullying and cyber threats. Children, especially the teenagers are most vulnerable to such dangers. Using mSpy, parents can keep a tab on their child’s internet and phone activities, like who are they speaking or chatting with or what are they talking about or what are they sharing etc.

It also helps in tracking the GPS location and retrieving the addresses of their children’s whereabouts. It’s a great way to keep the children safe and protected from the potential dangers of life. mSpy can also be used by suspicious employers to track their worker’s productivity. What sites are they browsing and for how long or whether they are sending out any confidential information about their organization etc.

It’s an easy way to check if there’s any mismanagement of computer use, and whether the employees are actually working or simply wasting hours. Surveillance through mSpy is legal, but it’s a ‘must’ for all the employers to notify their employees beforehand about the monitoring. Any violators could be heavily penalized.


mSpy has separate subscription plans, each for Mobile phones and Desktops. The Desktop plan is standard and can be bought for 1,3 or 12 months, whereas the Mobile plan has two options – Basic and Premium, and their prices are quoted accordingly. You can also opt for a Bundle kit which contains both, Mobile Premium and Standard Desktop packs.


The Family kit makes it apt for bulk purchasing. Each kit contains 3 packs of either mobile or desktop subscriptions.

family kit

(Note: Prices may change, as per discounts offered occasionally) mSpy obliges to its 10 day refund policy, only if the reason doesn’t contradict their refund policy conditions. It is advisable to read and understand this policy before going for a purchase.

Is mSpy Really Worth ?

mSpy offers many more features than its competitors and for an affordable pricing. It has a single panel to add and monitor different type of devices and the user friendly interface of the control panel or the dashboard makes it easy to manipulate the settings.

Unlike many other brands, mSpy customer services are round the clock, quick and pretty advanced, with the installation or even jailbreak being remotely performed by their technical managers, if needed. mSpy acts as a saviour and helps to prevent all unethical practices online.

In short, mSpy works exactly the way it has been designed and intended for – to provide safety and security for underage children and unruly employees.

Quick Assessment


  • Simple to install and easy interface
  • Invisible to target user
  • Plenty of features and tracking options
  • Excellent and advanced customer support


  • No notification in case the SIM card gets replaced/changed
  • One subscription allows for just single phone tracking

Alternatives to mSpy

Flexispy is a good alternative to mSpy, and though it offers some interesting additional features like Live call intercept, Call recording, Surroundings recording and Remote camera as well as the password cracker, it is comparatively more expensive.

Highster Mobile is considered a cheaper alternative to mSpy, but lacks in blocking features and may not support all phone devices.

Quick Wrapping

mSpy is completely legal and one of the best spy softwares. The tool is compatible with all the popular devices, and you can monitor the target phone anytime you want. It provides multiple tracking options to its users and easily fits with the latest of applications.

The ability of mSpy being invisible and running silently in the background doesn’t let the target user know that the software is keeping an eye on them, which makes it easier for people to monitor their kids or unfaithful spouses and for employers to catch their dishonest worker.

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