Most Creative and Inspiring Examples of CSS3 Animation

There are various CSS3 animations all over the web today. It ranges from auto timers to progress bar loaders. Unlike decades ago, it is now possible to create animations and interactivity entirely in CSS markup.

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What is CSS3

Many people heard about CSS3 but what really is it and why it matters? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, one of the vital technologies in building web pages. It is a style sheet that allows web developers to define the look and feel of their web pages. CSS3 is the latest version of the CSS specification with far beyond the scope of the first two generations.

Why is CSS important

CSS plays a vital role in web design. With proper use, it can effectively flourish your website’s design. Years ago, creating impressive effects like gradients, shadows, and round corners were more difficult because designers had to resort to a number of tricky techniques. CSS the process more convenient, it offers a clean markup that is accessible to humans and machines, maintainable code, fewer extraneous image, and faster loading pages.

Some of the inspiring CSS3 animations

CSS Creatures

CSS creatures is a fun and exciting design that could turn your busy days to an enjoyable one. This creative desing was developed by Pittsburgh-based web designer and developer Bennett Feely.
Actual link:

Bonfire Night Safety Infographic

An infographic created by Igor Krestov and Col Morley of Blue Claw. This infographic offers school-age children some fire safety tips. Some of the elements in the infographic will animate when viewed in the right browser.
Actual link:

Animated Buttons

Animated buttons boasts seven impressive animated link elements with different styles, hover effects and active states. These buttons are not only beautiful but also provides cool and practical button effects.
Actual link:

Responsive Cat

Picture4Crafted by a Japanese web designer and interactive director Masayuki Kido. It show off an animated cat that stretches across the length of the browser window and resizes as you reduce the window’s width.
Actual link:

Safari Technology Demos

A demo that lets allows you to take a peek around the Apple Store in 360 degrees. It gives a stunning virtual scene without the need for any additional plug-in software. And take note, this is best viewed in Safari.
Actual link:

Scrolling Coke Can

This coke can gives a perfect illusion that the can is rotating when a visitor scrolls left or right. Beautifully designed by Roman Cortes.
Actual link:

Our Solar System

A big thanks to CSS3 border-radius, transforms & animations, as it makes exploring solar system more enjoyable for the students.
Actual link:

Movie Posters

This movie poster was created by Marco Kuiper with its powerful CSS3 animation and 3D effects.
Actual link:

Reverend Danger

Discover this kiddy-themed website with cute characters and amusing animations.
Actual link:

Can Haz Ur Cursor?

This simple but fun-to-play with cursor is created by Simurai. Discover its cuteness and you will surely love this.
Actual link:


Through the years, CSS has influenced the web development world. It gives a stunning impression with your designs with only a few important changes.

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