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Inspiration: 30 Typographic Portraits 7

Inspiration: 30 Typographic Portraits

In this round-up we’ll be looking at some cool Typographic Portraits. I’ve listed 30 great examples with 4 great tutorials you can try out to brush up your skills.

Inspiration Character Design 4

Inspiration: Mascot Design In Web Design

Character usage or the use of mascots in web design is becoming increasingly popular, in this inspirational round-up Prakash Ghodke has rounded up 25 great examples along with 15 great tutorials.

Inspiration: Digital Paintings 0

Inspiration: Digital Paintings

If your intrested in digial painting within photoshop then this round-up is for you. In this awsome round-up i’ve showcased 25 fantastic digital paintings, and for those intrested in learning how to do it i’ve listed 12 tutorials to get you started.

Photoshop Manipulation Inspiration 5

Inspiration: Photoshop Manipulations

Photo manipulation is one of the most creative and common art forms to come out of the digital age. In this round-up I’ve showcase 25 excellent examples along with 14 detailed tutorials to get you started in doing your own photo manipulations.

3D Typography Inspiration 3

Inspiration: 3D Typography

3D graphics are often created using several different applications, in todays design world the trend is really popular. Today, i’ve put together 32 images of 3D typography for your inspiration. I’ve also added 11 tutorials to get you started in doing your own 3D typography.

Grunge Style Inspiration 2

Inspiration: Grunge Interfaces

In this web round-up we’ll be looking at some cool grunge type interfaces. I’ve listed 15 great examples with 15 great tutorials you can try out to brush up your inner grunge style.

Water Styled Web Layouts Inspiration 8

Inspiration: Water Themed Web Layouts

Water (H2O) is the most abundant compound on Earth’s surface, constituting about 70% of the planet’s surface. In this inspirational post i’ve listed 23 water themed web layouts along with 13 tutorials to aid you in creating your own water themed designs.

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