Why GoToMeeting Rocks?

GoToMeeting is highly acclaimed web conferencing tool in marketplace. Its users gets high quality video conferencing experience through its features such as HD faces and 1-click meeting setup. Also, its ability to facilitates 25 attendees per meeting makes it an invaluable tool in corporate environment. Read more here…

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GoToMeeting is one of the most popular web conferencing tools. It is from Citrix stable. It has a web-based user interface that runs very smoothly without any broken frames. The best part is that it uses very little bandwidth and hence low on memory consumption.

GoToMeeting makes web conferences easy on both Windows and Mac based systems. It is optimum for setting and organizing meetings with up to 25 participants allowed at maximum. This makes it extremely useful for any web conference.

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GoToMeeting bring best-in-class video conferencing to online meetings through its HD Faces. Though it might have limited webcam features, however its Total Audio Integration makes up for it. Meeting organizer can setup meeting using toll & toll-free networks, call-in/call-out services and VoIP. GoToMeeting incorporates all above methods, can efficiently patch them together for a fully duplexed latency, echo and delay-free multi-party and single-party speech.

GoToMeeting allows easiest meeting setup through ‘1-click’ button. It also has a real good ‘change presenter’ feature. With the simple click of a button, the presenter can transfer the control and responsibilities of online meeting to another attendee. This makes it easier to organize those meetings that have multiple agendas involving more than one presenter. It helps in reducing meeting time, removes irrelevant procedures and allows both presenter & attendees to improvise wherever required.

GoToMeeting offers high security level that’s unparalleled. By making it a web application and generating a secure URL for each meeting, this web conferencing tools offers an advanced level of data encryption and firewall friendliness. It always ensures the integrity of online meetings, information security of attendees logging into it and remains committed to data confidentiality of user access.

Through the use of high level 128-bit AES encryption, both host & attendees are ensured that their critical data and real-time meetings are invulnerable against external hacking threats and data corruption. Through its use of secure server, all whiteboard presentations and reference materials are kept safe and encrypted.

GoToMeeting is very easy to use due to its intuitive user interface. It has impressive tools which participants can use during meeting sessions. Its ‘dedicated application sharing’ allows presenter to share a specific application rather than whole desktop, which prevents others from seeing private files. Its ‘desktop recording and playback’ feature lets attendees record meeting in audio-visual format; best part is that it is saved in windows media format for maximum compatibility. The best feature is ‘HD Faces’ that allows high definition video conferencing for online meetings. It’s like meeting in person. Also commendable is its ‘support for multiple monitors’ which allows organizer to host meeting from one monitor while he works from another.

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GoToMeeting has also leveraged the popularity of iPad and has taken full advantage of it. On joining a meeting on iPad, the attendees will experience similar level of meeting experience that they would have on any desktop device. Audio output is solid with consistent volume levels and voices. There were absolutely no disruptions or crackles in the audio. It is a fantastic meeting service for people on the go.

With its simple pricing model, GoToMeeting eliminates all hidden and overly costs that makes other meeting tools expensive – you can also find a detailed gotomeeting review here – visit site. Users can purchase monthly or annual plans with provision for up to 25 attendees per meeting. Meeting host can organize as many meetings as required.


GoToMeeting offers quick and a successful web conferencing solution to all its users. It is a great service to users who are looking for a resourceful web conferencing solution.

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