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Video games are fun to play and encourage you to buy them. But how many times can you play the same game before getting bored and start looking for a different one ?

The price of a video game is more or less around $60, and purchasing a new game every time may not be financially viable. In such cases, it makes more sense to rent the games. It gives you the opportunity to try out several old and new games for a certain period, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Let us see one of the best ways to rent a game-

What Is GameFly ?

GameFly is a movie and video game rental service, with an impressive collection of over 8000 video games in its growing catalog. Recently, it has introduced the video game streaming services as well.

Founded in 2002, GameFly caters to all countries across United States, with its headquarters in Los Angeles and California.

People can register and use the GameFly services to play or try out numerous video games, by renting them on an affordable price, rather than buying each one of them for a heavy price.

How Does GameFly Work ?

To avail the services, you first need to become a registered member with GameFly, and choose a subscription plan.

The subscription pricing is as follows –

  • $15.95/month for One disc at a time
  • $22.35/month for Two disc at a time
  • $36.95/month for Four disc at a time

When any of their members request for a particular game listed on their website and add it to their ‘My GameQ’ section, GameFly ships out that game using the mail service to the member’s address.

Members can then enjoy playing the game for as long as they want, and once done, they need to send the game back to the GameFly in a pre paid envelope, before placing a request for a different game.

Usually the game is delivered within 2-3 days after a request has been placed.

Like we said, Gamefly also offers video streaming. So you have a choice of streaming and playing the games directly off the internet and it requires no console at all ! However, the streaming library is comparatively smaller than the physical disc library, but it can still get you up to 75 games to choose from.

Who Is It For ?

Gamefly is for people who love playing games on computers. For casual gamers who play only a couple of hours in a week, Gamefly may seem a little expensive, but they can always go for the one disc plan.

It is more apt for hard core gamers or for people in a family who want to play separately. The games are compatible with the latest consoles like PS4 or XBOX ONE as well. Since Gamefly keeps updating its database, one can even find the listings for the newest games available in the market.

Higher subscription plans and video streaming plans are suitable for such serious gamers.

What Makes GameFly A Preferred Choice For Gamers ?

Gamefly caters for a wide set of consoles – Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox ; PlayStation4, PlayStation3, PlayStation2, PlayStation Vita, PSP ; Wii U,Wii ; GameCube ; 3DS, DS ; GameBoy Advance. So one can find a variety of games suitable to the kind of gaming consoles they already have.

The streaming makes the video games accessible round the clock, and is available on Amazon Fire TV as well as Samsung, Philips and LG – Smart TVs.

The subscription plans makes it possible to rent two or more discs at the same time, which can be kept for as long as one wants. There is no disc return due-date or late fees associated with the plans.

Subscribers also have a ‘Keep’ option in which they can purchase the game that they are currently renting, on a discounted price.

Overall Assessment


  • Gamefly has Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  • Games are compatible with almost all consoles
  • Huge collection of video games on discs as well as online streaming
  • Saves money through renting
  • Free shipping of games
  • ‘Keep ‘ feature allows you to purchase the game at a discounted price.


  • At times, selected games are not available, especially the newer one
  • Due to sharing, all video game discs may not be in a good condition

Alternatives to GameFly

Gamerang,Playstation, Redbox are good alternatives to Gamefly.

Gamerang has over 13,000 games in its kitty, but unlike Gamefly it has no parental control feature or free trial.

Playstation offers games as a service, and though it provides the streaming of the video games, the game frame rates may get dropped or become choppy. This could be due to the hardware or resolution mismatch between the older games in its library, with the newer consoles.

Redbox requires no membership and you can rent a game whenever you want, but you get charged on a daily basis till you drop the game back in the box. The collection of games is way lesser than a typical rental service and the games offered are for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One only.

Quick Wrapping

GameFly is a wonderful option if you love playing video games. You get a huge collection of games to choose from and there’s always something for all age groups. One can easily search on the basis of genre, popularity or ratings, titles, release date etc.

And if you happen to be the impatient one who can’t wait for the discs to arrive, you can also make use of the online streaming of video games.

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