5 Out OF The Box Broken Link Building Strategies

Broken link building is an old-aged technique that only few businesses make use of. However, this method is highly scalable and has the ability to attract links from high quality sites. If you are not using broken link building, then you may have missed many link opportunities.

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Here are some of the amazing techniques for broken link building.

Secondary link building

Nowadays, second tier link building is one of the frequently discussed topics in the SEO community. This technique is mainly building links to pages that link to you.
Second link building, when done appropriately is a powerful tool to drive traffic and conversions. The key to a successful second tier link building is to look a little deeper.

Offer free services to the site

Sometimes, you don’t really need to find a broken link in a website. You can simply offer a free service such as fixing spelling or grammar. This is also a good chance of catching the Webmaster’s attention. Although this does not guarantee a high success rate, still it works pretty fine.

Look for blogroll links

Blogroll is a set of links to blogs that the blogger likes. Oftentimes, these links are not updated by bloggers and if these links get broken, it will be a good chance for you to get the site owner or the Webmaster’s attention. Send an email to the Webmaster and offer your link as a replacement with the broken link.

Make use of expired domains

You have a lot of time and money, then go ahead pay for something that could result in a tremendous number of backlinks. Investing in some expired domains will never hurt your business. You can buy expired domain that are still getting some backlink juices. You can recreate the site and put a collection of links to its content, especially links to your sites. Make sure to check the previous content of the page using data from the Wayback machine. You can also point this site to your existing website, hence channeling the traffic to your site.

Content replication

You come across a broken link on an authority site that is referencing to a really good but expired page, then you can take this opportunity to recreate the content. Again, use the Wayback machine to find what was on the expired page. Once you found what is inside of that page, you can recreate it, but make sure to make it even better. The concept of this technique is that if it has worked in the past, then there are no chances that it will fail in the present. If the content had links in the past, and yours is exceptionally better then you’ll have greater chances of doubling the number of links to your site.


Broken link building does not only guarantee traffic to your site but also it offers a range of 2 to 10% conversion day in and day out. Aside from that, it is a less expensive strategy and a lower risk venture.

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