5 Free Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Right Now

We’ve all been there. Hammering away at the keyboard, spending all those late nights in front of the computer blogging, blogging, blogging. We hit publish on our latest blog post and expected the comments and shares to start rolling in. But instead we get… nothing. Just a piece of virtual tumbleweed rolling across the screen.

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If you’re wondering how to get some real momentum with your blog and perhaps build a sustainable online business from you blog, then you’re going to need traffic… and lot’s of it.

The great news is that with a little bit of elbow grease and consistency, you can build a following online and you truly can become a successful blogger and this article is going to show you 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog, without spending a penny. Let’s get to it!

Tactic #1 Send Traffic to Others:

Sounds a little odd, but one of the best ways you can drive traffic to your own website or blog is by promoting other people’s content.

People are infinitely more likely to share your blog content on the back of you sharing theirs. Just like the old saying goes…. If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get everything you want in return.

Become an All Star social media sharer and make a habit of sharing one useful, insightful or interesting piece of content produced by someone else each day.

Over the course of one month, that’s 30 bloggers who you’ve done a good deed for… 30 new connections and 30 people waaaaaay more likely to share your content.

Pro Tip: Don’t just stop at sharing, make sure you send a quick email or social media message to the person whose content you have shared and let them know!

So if you want to know the real key to getting your content shared by other prominent bloggers, it’s helping others succeed!

Tactic #2 Hit the Forums:

You’ve probably heard of the saying “fish where the fish are”. In the online world, the equivalent of fishing where the fish are is participating in discussion in thriving online communities.

The Internet is FULL of great communities. Reddit is one such place, Facebook groups, Google Plus communities and forums in your niche are other examples of place where people are hanging out online.

Pro Tip: Give, Give, Give and Give some more, before taking. Of course your end goal might be to generate some traffic to your own blog, but if you become a participator and contributor in online communities before promotion your own stuff, that is the best way to become entrenched and respected in the community.

Tactic #3 Guest Post:

If you really want to drive traffic to your blog and generate some new fans, the best way to do it is to share your absolute best content on other people’s blogs.

Though there are many techniques for building links to your blog but Guest posting (like this article!) is fantastic from an SEO perspective, but the real value of guest posting is it’s ability to get your voice in front of someone else’s community.

And of course, if you are providing SUPER high quality information for that audience, you’re certain of generating a new wave of readers and followers of your blog.

Pro Tip: Take guest posting one step further and apply for some contributor accounts on popular websites or blogs in your niche.

Becoming a regular contributor allows you to build an ongoing relationship with an existing thriving community.

So rather than a once-off guest post which might drive some initial traffic, as a regular contributor, you can position yourself over time as a go-to resource in your niche and pick up ongoing traffic.

Tactic #4 Learn Something New:

It’s easy to become set in your ways as a blogger or website owner and rely on your tried and tested tactics.

My strong point has usually been SEO and ranking websites high in Google and that’s where I’ve been able to drive consistent traffic from.

I recently purchased a health blog that is killing it on Pinterest.

I have been doing SEO and running websites for over 5 years now and had NO IDEA how much traffic you can drive from a platform like Pinterest.

This article for example has over 100,000 shares in Pinterest and the blog overall gets about 3000 visitors per day from Pinterest alone.

That’s fantastic, but it kind of makes me wonder…. How much traffic have I missed over the past couple years through being too reliant on what I already knew, versus challenging myself to learn new tactics? Answer = A LOT.

Pro Tip: Take action and learn something new. Pretty simple! If your strong point is SEO, read up on Pinterest marketing.

If you’re pretty good with driving traffic from Facebook? Take a look at Reddit marketing tactics. Got social media mastered but not too great with SEO? Then go learn SEO!

5. Think beyond your blog:

If you were to take notes on your online information consumption, there is a very high likelihood that you’ve consumed more content in video format than you have in written format…. There’s a hint in there…. Is it time you started using video to convey your messages?

One of the great things about sharing content on video, or vlogging, is that you only need a youtube channel and a video camera and you’re all set!

Wondering how much a video camera costs? The answer is, very little and I recommend something from the Canon range, as do most vlogging experts.

Pro Tip: Don’t want to pay $200-$400 on a new video camera? Don’t let that stop you from getting into video recording…

You’ll most likely find the quality of your videos shot from your mobile device are fine for getting started!

6. Always Over-Deliver!

For those paying attention, this article was titled “5 Ways You Can Increase Your Blog Traffic Right Now, At No Cost”….

The single easiest way to build up trust, credibility and rapport with your audience is to always give more than expected. So here we are…. tactic #6 :-)……

Make it easy to share! This is an easy one…. Ensure you have prominent social sharing buttons on all your posts and where possible, don’t just use the floating left aligned share buttons.

Aim to get share buttons at the start, middle and end of your posts to give your readers the maximum possible incentive to share.

Pro Tip: What to use? I’m a big fan of ThriveThemes because they have some in built functionality to help with this and their Content Builder has an awesome social button integration feature.

But their themes come at a price. Shareaholic is a popular free wordpress plugin option to consider.

Wrapping Up:

The great thing about promoting your business online is that you literally can do it on zero budget.

In my view, the only thing separating the uber-successful from the rest of the blogging crowd is consistency and action. Reading is great, but doing is better. Time to go out and DO!

Author Bio:

Greg Nunan is an online entrepreneur, website investor and digital marketing expert from Australia. Connect with him at WeDigital.com.au.

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