5 Common Mistakes by Designers While Creating a Logo

Logo is arguably a vital component of a brand or company. Logos are everywhere, from the products we use, the clothes we wear, and the cars we drive.

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Every day, people see tons of logo in all places. So how do you make your logo stand out?

The importance of logo

A logo represents the company’s identity, which gives a little insight of what the company does.It is the single most visible expression of the company within the target audience. A company’s logo appears on various websites, business cards, brochures, magazines, and other advertisement channels. For this reason, a logo should provide essential information about the company and should be clear enough for the audiences to identify the company’s core brand. A good logo design might attract more customers and show them the company’s sense of stability while a bad logo design will probably make you fall flat.

5 Common Mistakes While Creating a Logo

Designing a successful logo requires a lot of time and effort. Indeed, it is not a very easy task. There are many things to consider when designing a logo, but before you start creating a magical logo design, make sure to read the most common mistakes that designers made while creating a logo.

Designing not for the audience

When designing a logo, you have to keep in mind the need of your target audience and not your personal wants. Investing in a business is about gaining traffic and earning revenue from your target audience, so make sure to consider them first. As much as possible, go out and talk to your target audience about the project you are working on and see their perspective.

Over-complicating your design

Don’t forget that one of the primary goal of making a logo is for the audience to remember it easily. Building a complex and difficult logo design will cause confusion and may turn off your target audience. Do not try to experiment a lot of design ideas in the same logo, rather, make it simple without losing its impression.

Literally following the trends and fads

Every now and then, there is always something new to designer’s world, just like swooshes, glows or bevels. However, when designing a logo, you have to ask yourself if it is going to last or could it be just a popular thing for the past in the near future? If you think the answer to these question is undesirable, then it’s time to start thinking about it all over again. Bear in mind that logo is not something that you can do today and change tomorrow, rather, it is an investment that lasts for years.

Including unrelated designs on the logo

logo is an emblem of a brand or a company. It is a thing that audiences identify along with your business. Thus, adding irrelevant designs will surely decreases the value of the logo. Sure you like the color of orange but are you going to include it to your logo design? If the company wants to convey freshness then use greens, which suggest health and prosperity while red stands for boldness, power, strength and excitement. Furthermore, if you simply love this modern typographic font you’ve just found somewhere and can’t wait to use it in your design, then think again! Your modern typographic font may look good over a minimalistic-designed website but are unlikely suited to a serious business such as a law firm.

Relying too much on colors

Nowadays, many designers tend to spend too much time on color mixtures. However, color combination does not always heighten the look of the logo, sometimes it will destroy it completely. A good combination of color makes the logo look good on computers, tablets and mobile devices but how about in billboards, t-shirts, and other printed materials? When choosing color for your logo, also check if it comes out clean on a black and white look.


Designing a logo is a very tricky process as it needs careful considerations on various factors. But once you’ve come up with a good one, always make sure that you have it reviewed with your clients, target audiences, and experts. Although you know that your logo is simply perfect, these folks could tell a thing or two about the things you might have missed.

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