10 Designer Logos to Feed Your Inspiration

A logo is a prominent identity of a certain brand or business, mainly to promote brand awareness and creates a connection to the consumers. More often, they are found on all products, stationery, and vehicles.

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A definition of logo

Detailed description in about.com states that a logo may be a logotype or wordmark, an abstract or literal graphic mark, or a combination of words and images. The logo may have a specific shape, color, typeface, and specific arrangement of the logo elements that are always the same or may be altered depending on the use.

Types of logo

There are seven different types of logo that are often used in many small to medium businesses. For large businesses, a different design approach is usually involved.
Abstract Logos
From the name itself, abstract logos have no specific form and a non-descriptive message. This type of logo expresses feelings in an understated way. The key to a good abstract logo combines the right amount of simplicity and complexity. Although it is quite tempting to design a logo for your small business, the fact is, abstract logos are ideal for big companies because they can afford the expenses for to make it ubiquitous. Example of this logo is a popular brand Nike and Adidas.
Descriptive Logos
A descriptive logo simply portraits what the company is about. It uses the company’s main product or services or suggests its purpose through images.
Emblematic Logos
Emblematic logos combine an ‘emblem’ style symbol. It includes more visuals and / or texts. Good examples of emblematic logos are Starbucks and Lamborghini.
Illustrative Logos
The illustrative logos incorporate unique drawing and character designs. Because it involves various elements in one logo design, a careful assessment whether the elements work well with each other.
Letterform Logos
Most often, letterforms take advantage of unique fonts as a focal point of a brand. Usually, it comprises of one or more letters from the company or created using acronyms.
Typographic Logos
These types of logos are simple because they use words and letters to create an image. Although they are quite simple, these logos are still very effective.
Wormark Logos
A popular logo type that uses the company name as the main design. It comes with special treatment such as colored text or a well-crafted typography. A great example is the stripped IBM logo or the google’s multi-colored logo.

Top 10 Designer Logos

Designing a logo is not an easy task and oftentimes you are stuck with no ideas in mind. Looking for an inspiration could make the job easier. Here are some impressive designer logos to feed your inspiration.

Fashion Law Institute


Link: https://logooftheday.com/2011-06-21-fashion-law-institute/

 Lighthouse Architecture


Link: https://logofaves.com/2011/10/lighthouse-architecture/

RIP Steve


Link: https://logofaves.com/2011/10/rip-steve/

 Who You Know


Link: https://logofaves.com/2011/09/who-you-know/

 Bread & Breakfast


Link: https://logofaves.com/2011/08/bread-breakfast/



Link: https://logofury.com/logo/keylogic.html

Ross Poultry


Link: https://webneel.com/design/logo1/Ross-Poultry/0/0/Ross-Poultry%20-%20creative%20logo%20design/png?nid=7803



Link: https://webneel.com/design/logo1/elefont/0/0/elefont%20-%20creative%20logo%20design/png?nid=7803



Link: https://webneel.com/design/logo1/codefish/0/0/codefish%20-%20creative%20logo%20design/png?nid=7803

Factory Business


Link: https://webneel.com/design/3dlogo/3d-logo-design/44/16/Creative%203D%20Logo%20Design/jpg


There are no specific rules to follow when designing a logo. To determine a good or bad logo depends on the target audience’s needs and wants.

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