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Harris Poll Online is an online research and reward system owned and operated by the Harris Interactive group. It has been operating since 1963, conducting surveys in diverse and vast array of industries.

It has received A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for its fair business policy. This gives us the confidence that the company is legit with accredited performance.


Based out of Rochester, NY, it boasts over 6 million users on its panel from over 90 countries including Austria, Canada, UK, US, France, Germany. The minimum age to join the panel is thirteen.

The poll rewards system offers reward points once you complete a survey, which can be used to enter sweepstakes for gift cards or donate to charities which Harris Poll Online has partnered up with.

Most surveys from the site are relatively short (ranging from five to thirty minutes), to ensure that users don’t lose attention or interest. They deal with common survey topics such as movies, fashion, religion and politics.

Sign Up Process

The sign up process is simple. Similar to other survey sites, you can sign up using your email id and just filling out some basic information about yourself. Once you confirm your email account through their email verification process, you can start taking surveys and earning points.

After successful verification, it connects the user to polls by sending email invites to take surveys.

Payout Minimum

Once you earn 1,250 points (worth $10 USD), you can redeem it for a gift card from places like Home Depot, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart along with magazine subscription and airline miles. The maximum gift card amount is $10, which however cannot be received as cash payment. You get 15 points even when you are disqualified from a survey.

Each survey rewards you with different points. However, users are not notified from the start of the value that they should be expecting for the survey they are taking. Only when they complete the survey do users come to know of the number of points they have earned.

Survey Invite Rate

Unfortunately, the invite rate is very low. It usually sends out 3-4 survey invites emails per month. There are no available surveys to take from the site dashboard too. With each survey you earn about 75-150 reward points. It meant to earn 1,250 to enter gift card sweepstake can take a long time.


The site offers a quarterly sweepstake for $10,000. You are selected for the sweepstake automatically with every survey you take, whether you qualify or not. The winner is listed on the website every quarter.

How Can You Make Money With It?

You might have guessed already that there is not much you can do to earn better with Harris Poll Online. Since surveys can only be taken once you receive an email invite for it, which are usually about 3-4 per month, your earnings are limited and cannot be improved.

  • It is a legit company that actually pays out in time

  • It has a wide variety of payout options including gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and many more

  • You earn reward points even when you are disqualified qualify for a survey

  • More than 90 countries can participate and is not limited to only American nationals

  • When you redeem your rewards, you receive them within 15 business days. They will be sent to your email address.

  • It offers a sweepstake for $10,000 USD every quarter

  • Harris Poll Online does not payout in cash. You need to choose between variety of gift cards they offer.

  • It cannot be depended on for regular side income.

  • The qualification rate is low.

  • The ratio of reward return to time is lower than many competitors.

  • Very low survey invite rate. Survey quantity is limited to 5 or 6 per month.

  • It does not offer mobile app like most top end surveying websites.

  • You can’t see the amount of points and time for a survey until you finish the survey.


As you have seen that Harris Poll is a legit site that actually pays for your efforts. However, the cons outweigh the pros. Low invite rate, low qualification rate, lack of cash payment combined with low rewards to time and effort ratio makes it satisfaction quotient very low.

If you are a teenager looking to make some extra pocket money, you should be fine. But, if you are an adult, looking at Harris Poll Online to help you earn regularly, you are going to be disappointed.

Additionally, beware of the site you are using, as the Harris Poll Online name is unfortunately being used to commit online scam. Stay clear of sites that offer scam things like mystery shoppers, cash and free items. Make sure you are dealing with the genuine site by Harris Interactive at www.harrispollonline.com.

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