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Few Mistakes That Developers Make When Applying Design To A Website

Bunching too much information on the homepage

Your homepage is the first thing your viewers see and you only have seconds to make a good impression to your viewers. If your homepage looks too messy, viewers may get impatient and leave your site.Continue reading

Enhance The Content Using Dark Colors In Web Design

Understanding Pyschological Meaning of Colors

Understanding colors and the subconscious effects of colors on the emotions can help you make a decision on what colors to include in the development of a website.Continue reading

5 Simple Elements for a Well-optimized About Page

What is an About Page?

Primarily About page provide relevant information about your business and what it offers, how long it has been around, and talks about its long-term goals and mission.Continue reading

Inspirational Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design

What are textures and patterns?

Texture is what gives a design the feeling of a surface. In web design, texture provides the illusion of physical texture. Something that looks like it can be touched and felt creates an impact on our brains.Continue reading

5 Points That Will Help Your Website Convert More Visitors

Increasing traffic maybe a good sign of a growing business but it is not enough until those visitors actually purchase something from your site. After all having an online business aims to generate revenues.Continue reading

5 Ways To Make Sure That Your Infographics Break Through The Clutter

Understand Your Audience

Infographics aims to provide the viewers with a bunch of information in an understandable manner. In this way, you have to understand your audience because the graphical art is what should draw the reader in, but creating an infographic that is not relevant to your audience will generate little to no interest of your brand.Continue reading

Five Fundamentals To Help You Create Quality Design

Fundamentals of Web Design

Before you start to build a website, it is important to know the basics of making one. Here are some of the fundamentals of web design to help you create a quality design.


Typography is 95 percent of the design. The choice of typography is as important as the use of color, images, and graphics in creating a brand. Continue reading

The Amazing CSS3 Transitions That Will Startle Your Users

Add to this the fact that web designers are restricted to aligning elements either left, right or center, and tables to achieve a compelling layout.

What are CSS transitions?

CSS Transitions are simply a few simple rules that you can use to enrich the various elements in your design.Continue reading

Bid Adieu To These 5 Web Design Trends

Old Web Design Trends That You Need To Let Go

Good web design isn’t about beautiful colors, groovy graphics, and knocked-out codes. Instead, it considers many design elements and its effects such as the sharpness, consistency, alignment, spacing, and the color combination.Continue reading

The Most Essential Free Fonts For Web Designers

Advantage of Free Fonts

Gone are the days that web designers are limited to typefaces and fonts are bunched into all available space. With the increasing number of mobile users, the web design industry is making way for large media file and heavy graphic designs.Continue reading