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Beautiful Vintage Logo Templates for Your Inspiration

So today, many designers are creating products in a vintage inspired design.

What makes up a vintage logo?

Designers today tend to make use of vintage, but really are the features of a vintage design? Vintage design contains:
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Infinite Scrolling: Boon or bane for a Website?

But is infinite scrolling a boon or bane?

What is infinite scrolling?

The traditional scrolling may be a bit boring and frustrating at times. But today, with the widespread of Javascript and jQuery, some astonishing scrolling effects have become prevalent in many web designs. Infinite scrolling is just one of them.Continue reading

5 Key Friendly Elements for User-friendly Notifications

After using a web service or installing a mobile app, users are often prompted with notifications from a specific service or app. These notifications are worth the attention as long as they are interesting enough to distract you.Continue reading

Common Mistakes While Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Common Mistakes

Not using Shortcuts

Fact that designers get stunning results but they almost did it in a measure of time. To be an effective designer, you only don’t need to learn the advanced functionalities but you also need to learn the basic such as shortcuts.
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Best Ways To Promote Your Design Project

Create a Blog

One of the most inexpensive proven ways to showcase your designs is to create a blog. Sure you do have your portfolio site, but what is the use of it if you are never found? Continue reading

Stunningly Designed Smartphone Apps

How to Make Your Smartphone App Stand Out

From a research study, 1.08 billion people prefer to use smartphone than regular phones. Smartphones does not only enable communication but also provides information, recreation and entertainment thru the various mobile apps that are available in popular online markets such as the Android store and the Apple App Store.Continue reading

Few Mistakes That Developers Make When Applying Design To A Website

Bunching too much information on the homepage

Your homepage is the first thing your viewers see and you only have seconds to make a good impression to your viewers. If your homepage looks too messy, viewers may get impatient and leave your site.Continue reading

Enhance The Content Using Dark Colors In Web Design

Understanding Pyschological Meaning of Colors

Understanding colors and the subconscious effects of colors on the emotions can help you make a decision on what colors to include in the development of a website.Continue reading

5 Simple Elements for a Well-optimized About Page

What is an About Page?

Primarily About page provide relevant information about your business and what it offers, how long it has been around, and talks about its long-term goals and mission.Continue reading

Inspirational Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design

What are textures and patterns?

Texture is what gives a design the feeling of a surface. In web design, texture provides the illusion of physical texture. Something that looks like it can be touched and felt creates an impact on our brains.Continue reading