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Using Datepicker in Javascript: 5 Libraries you should give it a try

Datepicker: 5 JavaScript Libraries you should give it a try

It seems like there are hundreds of datepicker widgets available online. But we will just target 5 JavaScript libraries to showcase date. Out of five, who will win the race, we will find out soon. We are expecting the winner should have the following basic requirements for the developers and end users: Continue reading

Stunning Examples of Beautiful Photos in Web Design

When to use photography in web design?

In the modern web design, using large background images is dramatically increasing and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Although it is becoming a huge trend these days, using large photos in web design may not be suitable for everyone.Continue reading

Stunning and Exceptional Education Sites for Your Inspiration

Benefits of good website design for College or University

College and Universities need to have an effective design because web users are typically demanding and want information fast. It is a fact, that many websites today have dreary designs in which the information that someone is looking for seems impossible to find.Continue reading

Wonderful Logo Sketches To Get You Inspired

Most logo designers begin with hand-drawn sketches. As many have said, no program comes close to the freedom of paper and pen. A piece of paper and pen allows the designer to create tons of logo ideas that may have the same look but with different tweaks.Continue reading

The Five Golden Rules of Responsive Web Design

It was in May 2010, when Ethan Marcotte started the hype of responsive web design. He wrote an article of the same name for A List Apart and now it has become well accepted in the industry.Continue reading

Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design

With the rapid growth of tablets and smartphones, web designers and website owners strive to enhance the site’s layout to suit the screen sized of the varying devices it is viewed on. There are two ways to achieve this, first is with the use of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and second with the use of Adaptive Web Design (AWD).Continue reading

Productivity Enhancing Tools for Web Designers

Web designers creates a look, layout, and features of a website coupled with functionality. The spectrum of work for web designers is mind blogging but with the right tools, it can improve and get stunning results with ease.Continue reading

Learn to Build Awesome Website Footer

Most often, home pages and headers highlight the overall look of the site. But what happens when people reach the bottom of the page? A copyright at the bottom of the page won’t hold the viewer’s attention rather it gives them the time to wander pointlessly and in no time leave your site.Continue reading

Best Tools for Better Web Typography

What is a good typography?

Good typography is not only limited to choosing a typeface or deciding one typeface from another. Rather, it is a process of thoroughly arranging type in order to make the language visible. The arrangement considers the selection of line spacing, line length, point size, adjusting the space between group of letters or pair of letters.Continue reading

5 Out OF The Box Broken Link Building Strategies

Here are some of the amazing techniques for broken link building.

Secondary link building

Nowadays, second tier link building is one of the frequently discussed topics in the SEO community. This technique is mainly building links to pages that link to you. Continue reading